The port list option is not available


My OpenVAS seems to have some problems. As can be seen in the screenshot, the port list option is not available (it should show “default port lists” or something like that):


Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Since there has been no answer, I have installed the GVM from scratch, following the guide from Kali Linux.

If only a UUID is shown here means the gvmd data feed (scan configs, report formats and port lists) has not been synced yes or possibly not loaded by gvmd.


Thanks for your advice. I’ve synced the data and restarted the host but to no avail. What about the latter? Do you have any hints?

you need to check the gvmd.log file for errors in that case. The file is most likely in /var/log/gvm.


My check of the log in question showed no error:

run gvmd --rebuild-gvmd-data=all

Looks like you stopped the server or a service while it was syncing.


Thank you for your advice! Since it took a long time to figure out the way to fix this error, I’ve re-installed it because I did not need the existing data.