The online Greenbone NVT database disappeared?

Hi all,

until last month I was still using the online Greenbone database at This database provided all the information returned by the Greenbone scanner based on a CVE or NVT. However, it seems to have completely disappeared from the Greenbone website. Do you have any information on why it was removed? Is there a new page planned or already available?

Thank you, everyone.

Hi Nicoma,

you are right. We had to take the database offline, sorry for that. The solution was no longer maintained by the developers and we discovered some problems, which would have had to be fixed, which again would have lead to rewrites of larger parts of the solution, which was not motivating because:
A team is already working on a new component with new technology, for a much better and easier search. We will integrate that project as soon as it is ready, but got no timeframe by now.

Sorry that I have no immediate solution for you,

happy scanning :slight_smile: , Elmar


Hello, thank you for your answer.

Good luck to your teams

Note that the same info (for CVEs but also VTs) are still available after a Guest login here: