Temporarily excluding a host from a target

Our operations team identified a host sensitive to scanning. Presently we have a scan configuration where the target is configured for the whole subnet. The scans are gathering a weekly report and working well.

When I go to edit the exclusions in the target, it is greyed out, so I can’t exclude the problem host. Do I need to clone the scan, edit the exclusions and disable the old scan?

I would rather not do this as it means our reports would have different sources and the old scans would need to be kept for the scan histories.

Is there a more elegant way to exclude a host temporarily?

Hi there mgjk,

I had a similar problem not too long ago and received the following answer here in the forum: How to handle frequently changing targets - #4 by Martin

It was suggested to clone the target, not the task and then change the target in the original task. This will only work however, if the task was created as “alterable”.

I’m not really happy with this solution myself, but it seems to be the only way to achieve what you have described.