Tcp communication

Hi Team, do you have any plan to migrate all Unix Sockets based communications to Secure TCP communication between multiple containers for distributed setup ( Master - Slave Architecture) docker


with the current architecture no. But you can setup it by yourself. All components support TCP communication in some kind. For example it’s possible to setup gvmd to listen on a TLS encrypted TCP socket instead of the unix socket. See gvmd --help for more details.

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Can we have any Docker-compose file example with all components communicating on TCP?

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry but you can’t expect this.


Note that (to the best of my knowledge) the TCP based communication between the components is currently not supported anymore by the maintaining teams from Greenbone side as the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance is exclusively using Unix socket based communication.

If any problems / issues occurs when using TCP based communication most likely Community support / PRs / fixes are required.


Okay, how to connect gvmd to local openvas scanner over TCP, instead socket ?