Tasks doesn't start start by scheduled time after an update

CentOS 7.6 & gvmd & atomic repo it’s work.

Trouble and news:
Task doesn’t start by scheduled time. Possible reason: I setup local Europe/Moscow time. May be…
I don’t see html reporting. Can I add it and how?

As your question was completely unrelated to the initial thread you had posted this question i have split both posts off from that thread.

I can’t find any document about GVM over CentOS7.6 up to date.

I write a little bit

It’s only help and information to other users of GVM (openvas)

You ve removed it. Ok

Schedules and time zones are sometimes difficult to debug.
I’d suggest to switch the GSA to UTC and try to create a new schedule. Only if this works as intended, try changing the timezone of the gsa.

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I try to change timezone back to UTC with a wrong (empty) password.
I don’t see Timezone changes over GVM web (but can see the changes in log file /var/log/gvmd.log

After TZ changes:
I try to clone task but i don’s see it.
I hope I’ll see it after 3 hours.

Clone tasks appeared after some delay,