Tail -f gvmd/.log command Database not found

I’m currently using Oracle VM to install and use GVM. I’m doing this for a class and encountered many different errors, but my most current is this. How do I get my computer to locate the SCAP Databases so I can run the command?

When I initially attempted it, it worked and I tried to run the greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA in the terminal on the other half and I encountered a problem with my feed update being locked in the library. In an attempt to fix that I have broken more files.


first of all please take a look at Start Here for existing troubleshooting guidelines and how to post messages in this forum. Screenshots are difficult to read and for blind people it’s even impossible.

Nevertheless from you screenshot I can see that all things are fine. It just says the db doesn’t exist yet and will be created automatically. Additionally gvmd, the database backend daemon, is currently loading the feed data. You just need to be patient and wait until it is ready.


Also I suggest following Greenbone’s Kali install instructions and troubleshooting guide.


Hello @bricks and @rippledj, my apologies on the format of my issue. I have referenced the troubleshooting guide and the Kali install instructions. The instal goes smoothly until i run ‘’‘tail -f gvmd.log’‘’ in which it initiates the command or script but then it never finishes. As the screenshot shows, it runs but it has run for days and still hasn’t completed the initial scan. I’m still unable to run the ‘’‘greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA’‘’ or the ‘’‘greenbone-feed-sync --type SCAP’’ commands as the ‘’‘tail -f gvmd.log’‘’ still has hold of the lock file. What do I do?

the tail command simply prints the contents of a file to stdout such as cat or head commands. It should not initiate any other script that does not finish. Try tail -100 <filename> to print out the last 100 lines of a file for example. Aside from that, if you cannot run the feed sync due to an unreleased lock, you can log out and back in to release the lock.