Tags for send delta emails

How can I use tags for the script send-delta-emails?

After the setting, a tag must be created by greenbone called “send_delta_alert”.
I can create tags in the web interface, but how are they assigned to the report?
An automatic tag assignment would have to take place.

Hello Meredith,

It seems that in the function you are discussing, the tags are automatically added to the report just after it is sent via the MTA:

The tag’s ID string is supplied to the function execute_send_delta_emails as a keyword-based argument (kwarg) and then it’s used to check whether the delta report has been sent via email already to avoid resending duplicates, and then it is automatically added to new reports just after sending them via the MTA.

Thanks for the explanation.
How can I attach the Tag send_delta_alert to the task?

You can add tags to the tasks by creating a new tag from the ConfigurationTags page of the web-interface as shown in the screenshot below. Select task as the resource type and the resources will automatically populate in the dropdown. You should set the value to the string you pass in as the task_tag kwarg to the execute_send_delta_emails() function.

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