Syslog GCE Support?

Hello Community

I have an Openvas 9 (GCE) 7.0.3 instance running on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. Everything works fine.

Unfortunately it is not possible to send the reports via syslog to my graylog instance.

  1. Can I enter a syslog - server/port without GOS menu or GSM CLI? If not, why?

  2. What other possibilities do you know via udp/syslog protocol?



just to clarify things. If you are using Ubuntu you are not using our Greenbone Community Edition Virtual Machine (GCE). The GCE is only provided as a Virtual Machine with Greenbone OS. You are using an outdated version of our Greenbone Source Edition (GSE).

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@bricks Thanks for your explanation. Sorry to post in the wrong section. Things are much clearer now. Then I guess I’ll go with the virtual appliance (GCE)