Synchronous calendar versioning to start with 20.04

Greenbone will streamline and simplify the product versioning starting in year 2020.

Essentially this means two changes:

  1. Calendar versioning: The version number will indicate the month and year of the initial release. For example, GOS release published in April 2020 will have version GOS 20.04, the release in October 2020 will be GOS 20.10.
    The patch releases will enumerate as before: The initial version is 20.04.0, then follows 20.04.1, 20.04.2 etc.

  2. Synchronous versioning: All elements of the product will have the same version. For example GOS 20.04 uses the protocol version GMP 20.04. Also, GOS 20.04 will correspond with GVM 20.04 and consist of modules gvm-libs 20.04, gvmd 20.04 etc.
    This is even the case if a module has minimal or even no changes compared to the previous version.

The major advantages are:

  1. Whenever you look at a product or a part of the product, you know how old it is and thus whether it is still supported.
  2. Whenever you have two products or two elements at hand, you know whether these match each other.