Stuck on Login loop on the Login page

i have istalled Greenbone Community Containers 22.4, but i am stuck on the login loop in the login page. i see the interface just for a second and then it again redirects me to login page.
on the console it gave me the following
http://openvas.test/gmp?token=ef5f2675-2e51-44c7-ba84-57dd6115fa7d&cmd=get_license 401 (Unauthorized)

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the session token that is used to keep your session alive similar to a session cookie. When a logged-in user session times out due to inactivity you should see that in the console. However, It would typically be with the IP address of the GVM host - seems you have configured custom DNS for your instance.

Not sure why your issue is occurring. Perhaps there is info available in the /var/log/gvm/gsad.log.


a similar issue was reported several times already and the culprit was always a proxy or a network device in front of gsad. See for example Token missing or bad. Please login again. · Issue #2973 · greenbone/gsa · GitHub


the issue was with my nginx configuration file as i am running openvas with containers.
i set the proxy header now working fine.