(Status code: 400) Operation 'Create Target' failed

getting an error trying to create a target with manual url entry that has a url in the format of https://somename-something-something.com/

seems to not like the dashes? unfortunately this is the only url format the application i’m trying to scan uses. Any help is appreciated!

Could you try convert domain name to ip address?
Google “convert domain name to ip address”, there will be some website provide such service.
If it’s in intranet, maybe contact the dns administrator to find out ip address from domain name.

I have the IP - and have tried that. However there are multiple url’s at that IP and I’m trying to limit to the specific url structure.

Not sure what you did try to add as target exactly but of course you have to use the DNS name and NOT the http url as the manual url for the target.

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thank you - that is the issue. was using the url.

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