SSL error code 2147483661

Hi. I’m not sure if this is the right section - if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance.

I’m trying with this documentation

# sudo systemctl start postgresql@14-main

FATAL: could not load server certificate file “/etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem”: SSL error code 2147483661 - the same info in log file.

# ls -la /etc/ssl/certs
-rwxr----- 1 root     ssl-cert   1066 lis 22 19:11  ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem
# id postgres
uid=113(postgres) gid=119(postgres) groups=119(postgres),118(ssl-cert)

System: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Seems this is a PostgreSQL server administration task which is not really related to the Greenbone software stack / documentation.

Please consult external resources like e.g. the following for additional help: