SSL Certificate Activation

Hey guys,

I would like to know if it was possible to activate the SSL certificate in Greenbone Docker.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Manuel, there are already instructions on how to enable SSL/TLS for Greenbone’s Docker containers in the forum. Such as: Setting up ssl/tls for docker


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Good afternoon,

I have already tried several given solutions, but none of them worked. Can anyone help me? The service runs on the right port but does not work with HTTPS, it only runs on port 443 but in HTTP. :frowning:


To be honest, I haven’t tested those solutions although there was some chatter that success was found. Otherwise, to my knowledge, Greenbone doesn’t officially support a solution for Docker container TLS yet.


If somebody writes a PR against for supporting a TLS setup I am happy to review and merge it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @bricks