SSH error starting openvas

whenever i star the VM aopenvas appliance i receive this error…
i´m in greenbone CE ver 22.04.9
OV error

… how can i fixit?
i can not update feeds, no error log… but everything else seems ok.


Maybe you can check this:


Two short remarks:

  • 22.04.9 is not the current one, 22.04.11 is the most recent one and available at Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone
  • QEMU / Proxmox seems to be currently not supported for the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL, only the following according to the page above:
    • VMware Workstation Player/Pro
    • Oracle VirtualBox
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You get this if no networking interface/no IP is available, please use a supported hypervisor !

well … i have loaded into promox and is accesible from network.
I have notice that no ssh key is loaded… i think that´s the problem

until …04.09 it´s ok with quemu on promox…
… i´ll try the newone later…