Source of Feed Status 'Status'

Where is this value sourced from / how is it calculated? I thought maybe it was calculated using current time UTC and the feeds version timestamp but I would have expected the image above to say 1 day old based on the data from get_feeds below

This is the expected behaviour for the example that you provided. “Current” is displayed if the feed is less than 2 days old.

The reason is that we update the feed daily (except for weekends and public holidays), and our enterprise product also syncs the feed daily by default. Therefore, we only list the feed to be out of date if it is 2 days old or older.


Thanks! Is there a way I can check to see what the current available version(s) are?

Hello @enterscanman

You can check the Greenbone Docker Hub page in order to find the latest images.

Version ID should match the current datetime (except for holidays and weekends, as mentioned before) and is updated approximately around 12:00 CET+1.



Just sync the feed once per day and you are fine. As Martin wrote we are updating the feed on a daily basis at German work days.