Some questions about GCF


I will appreciate your help with the following questions regarding GCF:

A. How frequently updated data on the GCF is released?
B. Is it released on fixed dates (e.g. Tuesday, every two weeks)?
C. Is there a way to get a notification when the GCF is updated?
D. Are there any release notes? For example, is there a documentation for new NVTs that were added, NVTs that were updated and NVTs that were removed?
E. How is it possible to find which NVTs are included in the commercial feed and not included in the enterprise field?
F. After updating the NVTs database with the nvt-sync command, is it required to do a DB rebuilding?

Thank you for your assistant!
Tal Barak.

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A. daily, but not on German holidays and weekend
B. see A.
C. I would suggest to run a cron job to update the GCF. Since it is updated once daily maybe run the VT update during night time?
D. As far as I know, there is not.
E. See About the Feed Services (GCF & GSF) category
F. no, usually not.