SMB Brute Force Logins With Default Credentials case sensitive

Hi, AFASK, Windows usernames are not case sensitive, why are the credentials used for SMB Brute Force Logins With Default Credentials in are case sensitive?

Most likely because the VT using this .inc include is also checking for default credentials on Linux/Unix systems which are case sensitive.

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But I only found gb_default_smb_credentials.nasl use this include, and the credentials field format is exclusive to Windows:

user;pass;vendor(multiple vendors separated by ",")

And, if it is actually used by the VTs that check for default credentials on Linux/Unix, why don’t you use another dict to reduce the number of requests in gb_default_smb_credentials.nasl?

Please note that the .inc was written by an external contributor and around 7 to 8 years so we can’t give much background information on the design decision for it.

The microsoft string itself in that include is currently unused and as explained previously the VT is running against Windows as well as Linux/Unix systems.

Saving a few requests but risking false negatives is something i’m personally always trying to avoid.

Thank you. I miss the point that gb_default_smb_credentials.nasl (but not others) uses the .inc also running against Linux/Unix systems.

I suggest to reduce the requests when we know that it is actually useless. This also reduces false negatives when a target blocks the request after a number of failure login attempts.