Slave scanner cannot be set a user default scanner

Using openvas9, I’ve setup an openvas master / slave infrastructure. The master is running openvas manager, openvas scanner and GSA. The slave is running openvas manager and openvas scanner.

In GSA I have configured both a local scanner and an OMP Slave scanner running the slave. It works fine, users can select this scanner when starting new tasks.

However the issue is I can’t set this scanner as default for my users. If I go to my users preferences, the only scanner available as default is the one running on the master. Likely because the scanner on the master is an “OpenVAS scanner” while the scanner on the slave is an “OMP Slave scanner”.

I’m not sure to understand the difference, nor what I’m suppose to do to have an OMP Slave scanner setup as a default scanner for my users.

Any clue would really help.

Thanks !