Since the appeared end-of-life Scan Engine it always scan Interrupted

when it scan this issue “Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)”,it always scan Interrupted。Previously, we had normal scans.
we use yum update gvm, want to update it but faild.
How can I do to upgrade it ?

There is no native gvm package in the yum repository for any Linux distro as far as I know. What OS are you using and how did you install Greenbone?

If you installed from source code you will need to compile and install the newest version of the OpenVAS scanner. If you are using the docker containers, you will need to pull the updated OpenVAS scanner. I guess for Docker containers you should just pull all the updated containers. Instructions are at the top of the Greenbone Community Docker containers workflow page:

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I use Centos 8 to install gvm.
I use “yum -y install gvm” this command to install gvm;
when i update i use "
yum update OSPd-openvas.x86_64
yum update gvm.noarch
yum update gvm-libs.x86_64
yum update gvmd.x86_64
yum update openvas-scanner.x86_64
yum update openvas-smb.x86_64
yum update greenbone-security-assistant.x86_64" those command to update it;

can you tell me how can i do?

:thinking: I checked on Centos Stream 9 and the package wasn’t there in the default repo so maybe you are using this package? GitHub - Atomicorp/gvm: Greenbone Vulnerability Manager / Openvas packaging project

Either way, I guess you will have to contact the manager of the repository/package and ask them to update it to include the new versions of the Greenbone components.

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