Shared resources not working after the upgrade

Use this category for: after upgrading to the latest version I am facing an issue that when I share a task with a user with all its related resources the user can’t see scan report results any more, always empty.

what I am getting. if I click remove all filter settings the page just refreshes and the same window appear again

I would first check that all the required services are operational. You can see these service list from the source code install instructions. I guess you have build from source code using the Official instruction guide. If not, please specify your installation method.

sudo systemctl status ospd-openvas
sudo systemctl status gvmd
sudo systemctl status gsad
sudo systemctl status openvasd

If you are sure the services are all running, I would check the logs in /var/log/gvm for any errors.

I am not sure what you are expecting. When looking at the screenshot all things are fine. You have 9 results in this report. The results are not shown because they don’t fit to the current applied filter. For example because the have a lower Quality of Detection (qod) or are log messages. Take a look at the hints in the boxes which are clickable and adjust your current filter.

Hi @rippledj ,

I used the official method and found the root cause of the issue, the issue with some packages Greenbone relies on which not being mentioned in the documentation, I have pasted the command to install missing packages on my machine, and those are the packages I get a warning (package is missing or required when I comply all greenbone components) after installing those packages and reinstalling the app from source code the issue is resolved.

sudo apt install xmltoman doxygen libcurl4-openssl-dev pandoc

Hi @bricks

The issue was the user was not able to remove the filter even if you clicked on the “remove filer settings button” the page refreshed, yet if you the app with the user who created the task you could view the report normally.

Thanks the issue has been resolved. I have mentioned the solution of this issue

I don’t see how any of these packages could have solved the issue you mentioned. None of these are required for Greenbone installation. The first three are related to creating documentation and the last one - libcurl4-gnutls-dev is in the install instructions.

You said:

Where do you see those warnings?

when you debug the installation for the component and check the output you will see those outputs from the source code you will get warnings and errors package not found, they are not critical to exit CMAKE but they are necessary to compile libraries.

This is not correct, the packages are only optional for generating / building some optional documentation and even documented at [gvmd/ at main · greenbone/gvmd · GitHub]:

Prerequisites for building documentation:

  • Doxygen
  • xsltproc (for building the GMP HTML documentation)
  • xmltoman (optional, for building man page)

and [openvas-scanner/ at main · greenbone/openvas-scanner · GitHub]:

Prerequisites for building documentation:

  • Doxygen
  • pandoc (optional, for building manual and man pages for NASL built-in functions)

The only cause of a failed compile of libraries would be the missing libcurl4-openssl-dev but as outlined by @rippledj previously this is already included in the install guide (as libcurl4-gnutls-dev):

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