Severity from Task with multiple Reports

Hey Guys,
we are new to openvas and just started to install und configuring it.
We have a problem of understanding the severity level that displayed on tasks.
We got an Task with 2 reports.
The first report got an 10.0 and the 2nd 7.6 severity.
But in the taskoverview (Scans => Tasks) is an severity with 2.1 shown for this Task.

How could this happen? Any Explanations for this? Makes no sense to us. We expected here the last (7.6) score to shown.

Is this a bug? Can we setup this behave?

Thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome,

for debugging this it would be best if you could provide some screenshots and just mark what you think is wrong in them.

Taskoverview (Scans => Tasks):

Reports inside the Task (Scans => Tasks “Vlan28” Reports)

How can the Severityscore in the Screen from the first post beeing “2.1” while the reports inside are much higher?

Currently I can’t answer that question. Seems to be a bug to me. Would be nice if you could list the versions of the installed software components of the Greenbone Community Edition and the installation method.

Thanks for your answer!
Installation Method from here:

With Docker Containers. Containerinfos below:


greenbone/vulnerability-tests latest 924bab055c27 11 days ago 845MB
greenbone/scap-data latest f71d85ec3d64 11 days ago 1.71GB
greenbone/data-objects latest 15afbefc884d 11 days ago 16.4MB
greenbone/report-formats latest 4aae5ccd5ad4 11 days ago 4.91MB
greenbone/notus-data latest 366c4fccfdc0 11 days ago 343MB
greenbone/cert-bund-data latest 2a3eee9d8528 11 days ago 76.9MB
greenbone/dfn-cert-data latest 8ac1be96d9d5 11 days ago 44.5MB
greenbone/gvm-tools latest 42596e2c1db8 13 days ago 193MB
greenbone/ospd-openvas stable 94f04828237d 2 weeks ago 737MB
greenbone/notus-scanner stable d66412b4679c 2 weeks ago 371MB
greenbone/gpg-data latest f88c86d4a807 2 weeks ago 4.27MB
greenbone/redis-server latest 9e4a480a11f4 2 weeks ago 107MB
greenbone/mqtt-broker latest 82718142e2b4 2 weeks ago 104MB
greenbone/gsa stable 024a4eab9c94 3 weeks ago 155MB
greenbone/gvmd stable 646606be0014 3 weeks ago 588MB
greenbone/pg-gvm stable 16956bb4d737 4 months ago 435MB

greenbone-community-edition-gsa-1 “org.opencontainers.image.version”: “22.9.0
greenbone-community-edition-gvmd-1 “org.opencontainers.image.version”: “23.1.0”
greenbone-community-edition-ospd-openvas-1 “org.opencontainers.image.version”: “22.6.2”
greenbone-community-edition-notus-scanner-1 greenbone-community-edition-notus-scanner-1
greenbone-community-edition-mqtt-broker-1 “org.opencontainers.image.version”: “latest”
greenbone-community-edition-pg-gvm-1 “org.opencontainers.image.version”: “22.6.1”
greenbone-community-edition-redis-server-1"org.opencontainers.image.version”: “latest”

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Note that the different severity could depend on the used filter:

If e.g. the tasks view is using a filter showing only results with a QoD >= 70 % (min_qod=70) but the results view is using a different filter (e.g. min_qod=0, showing results including these with a lower QoD) a different severity is expected.

Thanks for your anwser.
But it doesnt seam to be the case.

On the Task view filter looks like
(Applied filter: apply_overrides=0 min_qod=70 sort=name first=1 rows=30)

on the results
(Applied filter: apply_overrides=0 min_qod=70 task_id=65519d90-6883-4b93-b9c8-144f3afac08f sort-reverse=date rows=30 first=1)