Setup SSL certificate for Community Edition (docker)


I want to ask, if there is an option to setup SSL certificate for docker within Community Edition.
I read some topics on this forum, but I don´t understand and I didn´t find, if it is possible.

In this topic, the author asks the same question as me, but there is no answer.

I don´t want to believe there is not way to setup SSL cert for vulnerability system (although in community edition).

Thanks for any information :slight_smile:

Does this post help?

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Hello. Thank you very much.

Yes, before I wrote here I saw and followed the guide which you posted but I wasn´t succesfull.
I probably made a mistake when I created cert with private key (I created certs with OpenSSL but I followed another guide).

Today, I followed the guide again and I created certs with command which is presented in the end of the guide and now it´s working.

So thank you very much, everything works.