Setup on Ubuntu 22.10 - URL NOT FOUND

Hi. I am a GVM newbie and trying to install it on my fresh Ubuntu 22.10 installation. As far as I remember back I installed it like this:

$ sudo apt install gvm
$ sudo gvm-setup
$ sudo gvm-check-setup
$ sudo apt install openvas-scanner
$ sudo apt install gsad

At the beginning GSAD did not start, /var/log/gvm/gsad.log complained about file access issues in /usr/share/gvm and the error message was something like “cannot access file or directory ‘gsad’ - error!”. By trial and error I created such folder

sudo mkdir /usr/share/gvm/gsad

and then the error was similar about /usr/share/gvm/gsad/web so I created the sub-dir

sudo mkdir /usr/share/gvm/gsad/web

after this modification the service gsad was able to start. However I still had an error shown in gsad.log which stated that the redirection was not working. I modified the systemd service file like that:

$ sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/gsad.service

#ExecStart=/usr/sbin/gsad --listen --port 9392
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/gsad --listen --port 9392 --http-only

However, my issue is → if I access the URL on my Firefox browser I get the error “URL NOT FOUND - The requested URL is not available” and when I view the source of that HTML page I see that is was generated by Greenbone. Means, the site was delivered by GSAD somehow, but there seems content to be missing. I am stuck now. Any help appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.


first of all you need to check if the service is running. This can be done via systemd: systemctl status gsad.service. Next you could check the /var/log/gvm/gsad.log file again for additional issues. Also you can use netstat (or lsof) tools for checking if gsad is really listening at the socket.

Just to be sure, did you restart gsad after changing the exec line with systemctl restart gsad.service?

Yes, of course. As I said, the reply “URL NOT FOUND” is generated by GSAD service. The process is running and it’s listening on the socket. In all other cases I would have received another error but not the mentioned one.

This is an issue from the package side provided from Ubuntu side and not from the Greenbone software stack side:

As seen on Ubuntu 22.10 is only providing the gsad package (the “C-based” web server) but not the Javascript part greenbone-security-assistant as packages.

Hi cfi,

can you provide more information that lead to a solution, please? From what I read from your answer that means that the JS-based part is essential and required, is this correct? What does that mean in detail, why is there a c-based and JS-based “gsad” version available and why did Ubuntu not provide the missing JS-package? How can I mitigate this and get GSAD run correctly as expected ? please point me to the right direction. Thank you so much in advance.

Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to provide a solution beside not using the Ubuntu packages at all and build completely from sources:

or use the docker containers instead:

Requesting to package the gsa / greenbone-security-assistant component (not to be mixed with gsad which is something different and already packaged) from Ubuntu would be an alternative but with unclear outcome / time frame.

why is there a c-based and JS-based “gsad” version available

Those are two different components of the software stack based on different technologies (C and JavaScript) and which can be found here:

and why did Ubuntu not provide the missing JS-package?

Greenbone doesn’t have any knowledge on the Ubuntu side (Greenbone isn’t involved in any 3rd party packaging), that question would need to be forwarded to the Ubuntu packaging team.

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