Setting up new scanners

i’m migrating from an older nessus setup to openvas+gsa for pci audits at work

i’ve setup my own openvas9+arachni+nmap+gsa machine on ubuntu 16.04 (work requirement). everything is working ok. i’ve synced all the feeds, cves, rebuilt the caches and done some network scanning. all good.

here’s the version strings for context:

OpenVAS Manager 7.0.3
Manager DB revision 184
OpenVAS Scanner 5.1.2
Greenbone Security Assistant 7.0.3

i want to setup some new scanners including w3af for application security testing. but all the docs i’ve found on this site are related to greenbone os. is there a way for me to [manually] setup w3af to work with/in the gsa web ui???

Our plan is to establish this with OSP.

There was an initial ospd-w3af to be plugged into GSA. It works, but has limits.

The next version of OSP / ospd will allow for a advanced integration. We plan to have the works on OSP / ospd completed next month. Then we can take care of the gvmd side and finally prepare an updated ospd-w3af.