Setting system time and NTP on GCE

Hi, All.

Here’s a real newbie question for you: it looks like NTP is supported by GSM, but apparently not in the CE. I can’t even figure out how to set the system time, let alone fire up NTP.

Is there a way to activate NTP on the CE?

Is there a way to even set the system date as the admin user? The ironic thing is that my system date is 10 days before the date on the latest Community Feed that I have installed (dated Jan 2).


Never mind! I found a way: first I created a “super admin” account and that finally activated the menu function to become the actual “root”. Armed with my super powers, I was able to reset the system time.

You should run the GCE always in UTC, and can define the timezone within the GSA. Your Hypervisor should give you the right time. Other way of operation is not supported and should give you sooner or later trouble.


Hi, Lukas.

Thanks for the “heads up” on that. I did set the system time in UTC. Now that I’m close, it does seem like the time syncing is happening automatically.