Set script preference via OSPD XML


I’m trying to start a scan via OSPD and sending the XML myself.

I want to set the preference for (gb_default_credentials_options.nasl).
The NASL script contains the following line:
script_add_preference(name:"Disable brute force checks", type:"checkbox", value:"no", id:3);

What would be the correct XML for this?

I’ve tried:

<vt_single id="">
	<vt_value id="3">yes</vt_value>


<vt_single id="">
	<vt_value id="Disable brute force checks">yes</vt_value>

But none of them seem to work. Could someone advise me, please?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve verified default_credentials/disable_brute_force_checks key is not present in Redis.

What about name="Disable brute force checks" ? :thinking:

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I’ve found the problem.
I was overwriting the previous settings.

The correct structure which works:

<vt_single id="">
	<vt_value id="1"></vt_value>
	<vt_value id="2">1</vt_value>
	<vt_value id="3">1</vt_value>
	<vt_value id="4">1</vt_value>
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