Seriously Misbehaving Routers

This certainly calls for updated security processes at several places.

Maybe also for new NVTs.
Anybody might have opted for such a router, private people included.
(Q1) Would this be a GSF or a GCF VT at first, as per your process policies?
(Q2) Do we have a forum category like “Current Vulnerabilities: Developing Stories”?

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Hi there,

thanks for bringing that up. This issue is well known and we’re already in contact with the competent authorities.

The affected device is a business model, so a VT would probably find its way into the GSF since this is targeted towards enterprises and businesses.

To answer your second question, no we don’t and at the moment there are no plans to open up such space. If there is anything marketing related, it will probably get mentioned in our News or Feed Services sections. When it comes straight to vulnerability tests, there’s already an existing sub-forum where such things can be discussed, should there be anything newsworthy or interesting in terms of the test development or anything similar.



There might be even more types / models of Telekom routers affected by this, not only the Business variant:

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