SCP Alert not working

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I am trying to create an scp alert using the Web interface. I filled all the fields in as described in the documentation:

The idea is to send the XML report to the localhost. I’ve tripple checked the credentials and I’m able to copy files over scp from another machine with the used key.

Could it be a service or something? The only error I’m getting is: Failed to run alert.

I have installed sshpass since I read that that was needed to use scp, but that did not fix the issue. Could I be missing another service?

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GVM versions

gsad: Greenbone Security Assistant 21.4.4
gvmd: Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 21.4.5
openvas-scanner: 21.4.4
gvm-libs: 21.4.4


Operating system:
Kernel: RHEL 64bit
Installation method / source: How to install OpenVAS on Red Hat Linux

Looks like the RSA key needed to be accepted first, so a manual scp transfer did the trick.

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