Schedule Scans - Monthly


I was unable to find this answer browsing the forms or via Google. We would like to start using OpenVas to scan monthly without manual intervention. Is this feature only available on the Pro edition? The network engineer who commences the scans explains he is unable to schedule re-occuring scans.

Any help with a reply or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I received no reply from info@greenbone 14 days ago.


and welcome to our community. Just for curiosity did you ever take a look at our Web UI or alternatively at our manual?

I am just stunned that you are asking this question.

No, scheduling is a standard feature, available in our community edition and paid appliance products.

We are getting a lot of requests and a lot of nonserious mails from gmail, yahoo, etc. accounts. If you use your corporate email address it’s more likely it doesn’t get overlooked.


And btw. the implementation of the schedules is based on ical. Thus internally all kind of schedules are supported, even very unusual ones going beyond what’s possible to create in the dialog :slight_smile:


Was my coporate email, but I think you got us going. Much appreciated.

I guess your co-worker mixed up our Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL VM with the Greenbone Community Edition. Both are different things. The TRIAL is a testing version of our product which indeed doesn’t have schedules. The Community Edition is the open source version.

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100% the cause. Thanks.
I presume community edition and enterprise trial will provide similar feature set