SCAP/CERT feed not working for GVM10 on Ubuntu 16


I am trying to rsync SCAP/CERT feed after fresh install of GVM on Ubuntu 16. However, it keeps trying to old URL ( even though I am using updated GVMD (v8.0.2 with new URL
Surprisingly “greenbone-nvt-sync” doesn’t have any issue. I tried “gvm-manage-certs -a -f” also which worked. But still getting this error:

Using the following versions:

Please update your software, esp. the gvmd. As you noticed the old legacy feed server is turned off. Additional do not run any feed-sync as root as you do.

The scap and certdata sync is only a wrapper for the feed-snyc so you are calling the wrong script.

A wild guess is:

You have two versions of greenbone-scapdata-sync and greenbone-certdata-sync installed on your system, one of them in older versions (e.g. from a previous installation) still using the deprecated And the ones using the deprecated URLs probably have a higher priority in your PATH.

Note that greenbone-scapdata-sync and greenbone-certdata-sync are still the correct commands to call for GVM-10, these are only wrappers like previously mentioned starting from GVM-20.08.