Scans won't show MAC Address

I have created two scan configs (cloned Full and very deep ultimate scan as well as Host Discovery scan) and I enabled the use_mac_addr field; however, after running the scans, the MAC addresses of the clients do not appear. The report only shows the IP address and hostname. Same results in the Assets > Hosts tab as well. I would like to be able to see the MAC addresses due to the scans being run in a DHCP enabled environment. Anyway to make it to where I can see the MAC addresses?

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I have wondered this from time to time as well.

You need to be within the Ethernet broadcast domain, MAC´s won´t show up if you are in a routed environment. You need to place a sensor within every broadcast domain.


I was hoping it would be able to pick it up from the scan and use the MAC address as the key value for the machine.

Thanks for the info.

If you behind a proxy-arp router or in a switched environment this will not work reliable.