Scans run but reports come back with no findings and severity "Error"

We migrated from SQLite to PostgreSQL backend and now are having an issue with our older scan tasks running but the reports coming back with zero findings and severity level of “Error”. There is no error messages in openvasmd.log (see below) and openvassd.log doesn’t get a single line from the task. New tasks not migrated over run fine and generate reports.

I’m thinking there is likely some issue with the old jobs and the database conversion.

Can anyone provide instructions on how to get more detailed debugging messages from the various components so that we can troubleshoot this further? Being able to see the SQL queries and response from the database would likely help point us in the right direction to fix things.

We don’t want to recreate the jobs because we’d prefer to keep the old reports and new reports showing up together on the tasks.

event task:MESSAGE:2018-10-12 10h55.45 PDT:16319: Task XXX Network - SSL / TLS (c13b9580-6113-4d71-b485-cff722df9a3c) has been requested to start by admin
event task:MESSAGE:2018-10-12 10h55.47 PDT:16323: Status of task XXX Network - SSL / TLS (c13b9580-6113-4d71-b485-cff722df9a3c) has changed to Running
event task:MESSAGE:2018-10-12 10h55.47 PDT:16323: Status of task XXX Network - SSL / TLS (c13b9580-6113-4d71-b485-cff722df9a3c) has changed to Done

openvassd.log (on scanner)


the logging configuration can be found / is documented in the INSTALL file shipped with the sources of each component (see below).

One important note as no used versions of OpenVAS/GVM 9 was provided yet:

Recently i have seen quite a lot user reporting issues but still running outdated versions of the OpenVAS/GVM components. Please compare your current used versions with the GVM-9 (stable, initial release 2017-03-07) ones to avoid that you’re having issues caused by such outdated versions.

Note: Logging configuration of the scanner the same way like with the other components is available with the next major release:

No where in the documentation is how level affects the logging. 128 is the default, but it isn’t clear if you need to make this higher or lower to get more less detail. I suppose I can try modifying it and find out, but you might want to add more to the documentation.


please click on the previously provided links. Each of the linked files are thoroughly providing information on each log level, their purposes and even the following text which explains that 128 is the highest log level:

To get absolutely all logging, set the level to 128 for all domains in the configuration file.

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