Scans not working on VM 4.2.20 (or are they?)

No Question. For the sake of google.
installed 4.2.20 on hyper-v and waiting 3 mins for the feed update when the database error disappeared. for 30 mins I was getting null scans with an “alive” message. Installed 4.1.7 and the database message took much longer to clear. One cleared scanned were working. I guess I should have left 4.2.0 to sort itself out by waiting an hour after the first feed. However I would have expected a message


you can find the relevant documentation for the first setup of the GCE related to the feed updates in instructions below.

The feed update now runs in the background and you are on the main menu of the administration. Via “About” you can have a look at the key properties of your setup, especially the address of the web interface and whether there still runs the Feed update as a system operation.

Only after the feed update completed there will be all information in the SecInfo area and first scans possible. This could take half an hour or even longer.

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