Scans Freeze and Logs Full with "captured duplicate report host detail"

I am running into an issue the past weeks.
Scans freeze at a random point and the logs are full with this message:
“md manage: INFO:2023-09-23 09h34.10 UTC:3049777: Captured duplicate report host detail, report: 13 hash_value: 601c11a4a9df6075c451a6442ee4ea9a”

GVMD 22.5.4
GSAD 22.05.1
OpenVAS 22.7.3
gvm-libs 22.5.3

Hope someone can help with this, thank you. :slight_smile:

This was fixed via Fix: Convert severity & qod to numbers in check_osp_result_exists by timopollmeier · Pull Request #2044 · greenbone/gvmd · GitHub with the gvmd 22.5.5 release.

Please note that the current gvmd release is 22.9.0, and there are new releases for gsad, gvmlibs, openvas and all other modules as well. These fix many other bugs and we recommend to keep your GVM installation up-to-date!


Thank you Martin! I will give it a try! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem

OpenVAS Scanner 22.7.9
Notus Scanner 22.6.2
ospd-OpenVAS 22.6.2
GVM Manager 23.1.0

Please create a new topic for your problem, this one has been already solved back then in 2023 and your problem is most likely a new problem.

When creating a new topic please make sure to describe “i have the same problem” in more detail.