Scanning - VTs list is empty - how can it be fixed


I am new in the Greenbone Security Manager. I use the Community Edition iso through VMware Workstation Player 15. I am tasked to use it to perform a simple scan of a web server as a part of a university project. When I try to scan, I am not able to generate a report with results and instead get the error messafe “VTs list is empty”. I understand that it is not able to carry out vulnerability tests because there are no tests available. Does this mean that I did not install GSM correctly?

Please tell me what I would need to do in order to fix that problem.

Please follow the instruction here:

If you have a empty list, it means you did not sync the Community Feed.

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I have same issue as described, with gsm.
Updating feed do not seem to work from a fresh install. What could be the solution ?

Thank you !

Did you run a feed sync, via menu ?

The setup wizard will guide you though this steps, you must do a feed sync after the installation to get the latest Greenbone Community Feed.


Thank you for quick answer.

Yes via console menu


To anyone having similiar issues: check for ram errors and the memory size. On my installation it silently failed as it ran out of memory!

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