Scanning Multiple Targets

Only one of my selected targets is being scanned from a total of 7.

I have tried listing out targets that are comma separated, creating a file with a list of IP addresses.
In the ‘Targets’ configuration page, I see my target group, under hosts are all of the required IP addresses and under ‘IPs’ it confirms that the number of IP addresses is 7.
When I run the scan however, it scans only one of the IP addresses.
When creating the task, from the ‘Scan Targets’ drop down menu, I choose my configured targets.
All of the servers are on and available.

Is there something that I am missing?

My version is GBA v22.4.0

Many thanks


Different targets could require different “Alive” test methods, some basic info about this could be found here:

Also please make sure that the routes to the targets are actually correct and the scanner / scanner host can actually reach the targets at all.


Thanks for the response.
In between posting this and your response, I had a moment of realisation that I had not set routes to the network segment that my scanner was in for the 6 outstanding machines. DOH!
Many thanks again though.


Glad that you have found the culprit. I had the same idea and added that as an additional suggestion to my previous posting only a few minutes before your last posting :slight_smile:

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