Scanning IP Ranges

Hey guys how do you go about scanning IP ranges using the tool?

You can just enter a range when creating a target, for example for If you want to scan multiple ranges in one scan, you can enter them separated by commas.

EDIT: Of course this is only one way to do it. For more information on all possible formats for IP ranges, read the chapter “Creating a Target” in the documentation.


Thanks a lot. Is it possible to automatically send a report to your email as soon as the scan completes, maybe an TXT report because the PDF format does not show any content?

Yes, that is possible.

Go to Configuration > Alerts, there you can create a new alert. For “Event”, the default should be already selected as “Task run status changed to Done”. As “Method”, choose “Email”. Then, enable the radio button that says “Attach report” and choose TXT as format.

For more information on how to use alerts, see here in the documentation.


Thanks man

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