Scan Task stop

Hope someone can help…

I Setup a centOS7 VM with gvm 10. I had a openvas 9 before which scans our server systems and create the reports perfectly. The new System start a Scan and hang on 12% of this scan.

Thanks in advance…

From the text showing up when creating a topic in the “Vulnerability Tests” category:

Use this category for all topics (General discussion of results, reporting of false positive / negative results, VT development) around vulnerability tests (the so called “NASL scripts”).

Please chose a different/better fitting category for all topics related to GVM (Installation, Usage, Configuration, Scanning).

moving into the correct category accordingly.

Sounds like a misconfiguration. Did you configure the installation correctly? Does it have enough RAM and CPU?
How did you do everything before the error occurred? Source of the software?
Did you try the search function of the forum? Suggestions for keywords: “hang” “centOS” “VM”, be creative (and active).
Is there anything on centOS’ wiki/forum? If not, did you ask there? Did you provide any details anywhere? Log entries?

Check the RAM during the scan. Linux OOM could kill redis process involving to interrupt the scan.

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I changed the RAM Size of the VM from 8G to 16G now the scan works.