Scan result in status N/A

Hello, I installed Greenbone under Debian and I have a problem in my scans
Indeed the Sumilate is N/A and as shown in the screen there are 0 everywhere in the results, hosts, ports etc.

Is that normal? What solution for this problem?


What scan configuration did you use? The Host and System discovery scans only produce LOG results since they do not scan for vulnerabilities so to see those results you need to enable Logs by using the “Edit filter” icon in the top right-hand corner and enabling logs severity class. Also, your hosts may not respond to ICMP ping so the “Consider Alive” test would be failing.

I can suggest preparing your knowledge about scanning with the Greenbone platform by reading the Greenbone manual on how to configure a scan and for convenience, you can watch the tutorial video on configuring a First scan. I think some of these issues are covered in that video.