Scan MS Exchange OWA

Hello all.
I’m trying to scan MS Exchange OWA portal (https over 443) with no results (all results is 0 and there is no information in logs).
I tried to scan 3 different sources and still got the same - No results.
Any ideas?


I have moved this into the GSE category for now as this sounds more like a scanner / scanning / usage related issue:

To increase the chance to get more replies you could explain the results you’re getting (e.g. do you get any “Log” level results with a detected web server, anything else when including “Log” level entries in your filter, …).

Maybe this will help.
Thank you,

I guess either the target is getting overloaded during a scan or an active component like an IDS/IPS, HIDS, Firewall, WAF or similar is interference with the scan causing the timeouts and the missing detection.