Scan log (openvas_results.csv) is not getting updated

The openvas_results.csv file (/var/log/openvas/reports/openvas_results.csv) is not getting updated even when the scans are completed. However, there’s one more log file that is related to openvas that gets updated timely. I checked the permissions and storage capacity, everything is normal.

I am runnning openvas on centos 8.

Please help me with this case as I have been trying for a long time now and couldn’t understand what is missing here.

Thank yu.


not sure what you are trying to do here. The CSV report file isn’t updated automatically. Either you need to create and download it manually for every scan report or you need to create an alert.

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Hi bricks,
Thank you for responding. I think the issue is due to our python script.
I have one more centos vm where I am getting ospd.service not found. Redis service, postgresql is working fine

Also, is there any way where I can uninstall completely and do a fresh install?