Scan Interrupted at 0 %

Getting the following error and stopped the scan at 0 percentage. Coukd you please help to resolve the issue. The issue on rockylinux8 server.


libgvm util:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h01.49 utc:4140274: Setting GnuPG dir to ‘/var/lib/gvm/gvmd/gnupg’
libgvm util:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h01.49 utc:4140274: Using OpenPGP engine version ‘2.2.20’
event task:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h03.51 UTC:4140759: Status of task local-task (9db352b6-e623-41df-a95b-527c5ae4541c) has changed to Requested
event task:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h03.51 UTC:4140759: Task local-task (9db352b6-e623-41df-a95b-527c5ae4541c) has been requested to start by admin
event task:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h04.39 UTC:4140762: Status of task local-task (9db352b6-e623-41df-a95b-527c5ae4541c) has changed to Queued
event task:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h04.44 UTC:4140762: Status of task local-task (9db352b6-e623-41df-a95b-527c5ae4541c) has changed to Running
event task:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h06.15 UTC:4140762: Status of task local-task (9db352b6-e623-41df-a95b-527c5ae4541c) has changed to Interrupted


sd main:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h06.12 utc:4141348: openvas 22.4.1 started
sd main:MESSAGE:2024-04-01 08h06.12 utc:4141348: attack_network_init: INIT MQTT: SUCCESS
lib misc:WARNING:2024-04-01 08h06.24 utc:4141348: check_kb_inconsistency_log: No internal/scanid found; abort to prevent data corruption.

Firstly, I don’t think “Scan Configuration” is the right category for this post. Secondly, I would guess that your feed sync has not finished completed yet. This makes it impossible to conduct scans. However, can you provide more information? What is your install method? Is this a fresh install or have you completed other scans already?

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[root@acunetix-openvas-cloud ~]# openvas --version
OpenVAS 22.4.1
gvm-libs 22.4.1
Most new code since 2005: (C) 2022 Greenbone Networks GmbH
Nessus origin: (C) 2004 Renaud Deraison
License GPLv2: GNU GPL version 2
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Using this packages for installation

OSPd-openvas.x86_64 @atomic
openvas-scanner.x86_64 @atomic
openvas-smb.x86_64 @atomic

gvm.noarch @atomic
gvm-libs.x86_64 @atomic
gvmd.x86_64 @atomic
pg-gvm.x86_64 @atomic

As well as founded an issue

Apr 01 10:01:49 systemd[1]: gvmd.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 2.
Apr 01 10:01:49 systemd[1]: Stopped GVM Manager.
Apr 01 10:01:49 systemd[1]: Starting GVM Manager…
Apr 01 10:01:49 systemd[1]: gvmd.service: Can’t open PID file /var/run/gvmd/ (yet?) after start: No such file or directory
Apr 01 10:01:52 systemd[1]: Started GVM Manager.

Thanks, but you didn’t answer this question:

Did you install from Native Linux packages, Source code install method, or Docker Containers? Where did you get the install instructions?

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Installed this from${VERSION}

Native Linux packages

OK, these packges are not created nor supported by Greenbone. You should contact the package maintainers to inquire about the issue.

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Could you please provide guidance on which version of OpenVAS is recommended for use with Greenbone, along with any installation instructions or resources available?

Sure, here is a link to the Greenbone Community Edition documentation. You will find instructions for installing via native Kali Linux packages, Docker containers, and Source Code installation instructions. Unfortunately, Kali Linux is the only distro that has actively maintained install packages for Greenbone. :slight_smile:

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I am using Rockylinux 8 isthat suitable for this ?

There is an existing open issue which have been raised for the Maintainer since quite some time here:

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If you are asking about a source code installation, the supported distros are right at the top of the instructions page. Rocky Linux is not one of the supported distros. However, you can search this forum and you may find discussion / additional instructions from someone who are successfully installed on Rocky Linux.

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