Scan hanging at 82%


I am having issues with a task hanging at 82%. The logs dont show any issues, just shows that the scan is running:


OSPD[46] 2020-10-20 07:19:22,193: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d5d322e9-9eee-4f75-9f6e-937915995c1d: Scan finished.


event task:MESSAGE:2020-10-19 18h00.21 UTC:32171: Status of task external (a057af69-82f2-4521-ad36-e93c3de50394) has changed to Requested
event task:MESSAGE:2020-10-19 18h00.21 UTC:32171: Task external (a057af69-82f2-4521-ad36-e93c3de50394) has been requested to start by admin
event task:MESSAGE:2020-10-19 18h00.38 UTC:32191: Status of task external (a057af69-82f2-4521-ad36-e93c3de50394) has changed to Queued
event task:MESSAGE:2020-10-19 18h00.49 UTC:32191: Status of task external (a057af69-82f2-4521-ad36-e93c3de50394) has changed to Running

There haven’t been any new log entries for those IDs.
The scan configuration is the same for all of the other scans : Full and Fast. They scan simultaneously and the other tasks have completed successfully.

Might have a clue what has caused it?

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GVM versions

gsad: 20.8
gvmd: 20.8
openvas-scanner: 20.8
gvm-libs: 20.8

I created a new task and the issue still persists.

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Waited for some time in hopes that it will by some miracle fix itself somehow. Didnt happen.
Did a bit of digging from old reports and found “Couldn’t send stop_scan command to scanner” from last successful report.

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Seems to be a bug. Every time the scan hangs at 82% and i press stop, it goes to status “Done” after circa 20 minutes.

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