Scan forever in queue, interrupted at 0% after a few days


we are using the Greenbone Appliance (Greenbone OS 22.04.2) in the Community Editition.

About 2 weeks ago I upgraded to this version because the old VM had stopped receiving feed data.

Now when I restart the scan (which was already running successfully), the status remains “in queue” and then aborts “interrupted at 0%” after several days.

How can I solve the problem? or where can I find log files etc.?

Thanks a lot

1 CPU w. 4 cores

Translated with (free version)

Hello flo, and welcome to the Greenbone community forum!

I assume you are using the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL? First I recommend to download the latest version with GOS 22.04.4. We recently fixed two issues that might cause interrupted scans.

If the problem persists, you can view the logs and and debug the problem further as follows:

  1. Enter the GOS shell via the GOS menu Advanced > Support > Shell
  2. Enter the command journalctl -a
  3. Navigate to the timestamp where you suspect the interrupt occured

Hi Martin,

thanks for the info.
I have not yet updated, in the log is a message that the memory is not enough. The machine had a 70GB hard drive which I have increased to 120GB. How can greenbone use the new memory? Do I have to start an increase process? After a reboot the same error is still visible.

Please use the new 22.04.4 version as one version previously (22.04.3) contains the following bugfix:

Major bugfix: an error was fixed where Redis occupied an increasing amount of RAM and disk space after every reboot or VT reload, which could negatively affect system stability and scan performance (#SC-675, #SC-679, #GS-2809, #GS-2836, #GS-3000, #GS-3021).

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