Scan for Aruba Switches and Sophos Firewall

Hi guys,

i am new to Greenbone Vulnerability Scanner and i am about to implement this solution in my network. i already set up Greenbone and i am scanning successfully all my Windows machines and ESXi nodes.

to scan Windows Servers and ESXi nodes i followed the guide on how to set up a user with minimum priviliges. everything is working fine and my tasks are scanning.

now, i have aruba switches and Sophos SG Firewalls and want to scan them too. I just don’t want to use the “admin” or “manager” user. I am searching google and forums to find the right answer but i was not succesfull yet.

so, how do i create a greenbone User on my Aruba Switch and Sophos SG Firewall with minimum privilege to scan them for vulnerabilities? does anybody have the same setup as I?

further i would love to know if there are special feeds for this appliances?

thank you very much for the help

Hi and welcome to the forum!

In general Aruba Switch and Sophos Firewalls are covered in the paid Greenbone Enterprise Feed where multiple detection are supported (authenticated and unauthenticated via e.g. HTTPS, SNMP, SSH).

Can’t really give you an answer about creating users on these devices however. Might be that someone here has a solution but my best guess would be to contact the vendors.

Best regards,