Scan failed with "Interrupted", but openvas scan look fine

After updating to 20.8.0 some scan’s failed with the state of Interrupted.
As far I can see in log file, the openvas scan itself will run complete fine.
openvas log:

sd main:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 08h42.35 utc:6365: Vulnerability scan 690a3bc2-8dc5-4b26-97da-2b0419ddb01b finished for host XXX in 984.58 seconds
sd main:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 08h42.35 utc:6324: Vulnerability scan 690a3bc2-8dc5-4b26-97da-2b0419ddb01b finished in 990 seconds: 1 hosts


event task:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 10h42.37 CEST:5922: Status of task XXX (cc39df54-fc68-4d40-ab59-f5613c1305a6) has changed to Interrupted

Set log_whole_attack = yes for openvas will not shown an error at the end.

How can I debug it?

Thanks for any ideas.

i have the exact same problem since i installed version 20.08


After some debugging it looks like an problem with the python part(ospd-openvas/ospd) or the openvas scanner itself. So the gvmd is not the source of the problem. I have open an bug report for it. When you have more information, please add it to it. Here the link of it:

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Ah, thank you! I thought it was just mine! Same issue here. The task says “interrupted”, but the log file just says “finished” with no real suggestion of an error. Looks like it’s still an open issue on GitHub?

We are currently not able to reproduce this issue. Therefore it will take some time until it will get fixed.


got the same issue, maybe you should provide more detailed log for troubleshooting instead of this very general error msg:

Same problem here also. Tested with gvmd 20.08.0~git-c3857ab7d-gvmd-20.08 (latest 20.08 release build, as of today) and ospd-openvas:

OSP Server for openvas: 20.8.0
OSP: 20.8.2.dev1
OSPd OpenVAS: 20.8.2.dev1

GVMD put the task in interrupted state, while ospd-openvas says the task has finished properly.

Same issue, here is my log
OpenvasDB.remove_list_item(self.ctx, key, value)
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ospd_openvas/”, line 230, in remove_list_item
ctx.lrem(key, count=LIST_ALL, value=value)
TypeError: lrem() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘count’
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:53,426: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Host scan finished. Progress: 0, Status: RUNNING
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:53,427: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Scan interrupted.
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:53,878: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Scan process is dead and its progress is 0
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:53,879: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Scan interrupted.
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:54,112: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Scan process is dead and its progress is 0
OSPD[384939] 2021-06-03 20:15:54,112: INFO: (ospd.ospd) d1418a5e-a35f-4507-8d8b-a1300b3c894c: Scan interrupted.

It seems some outdated python3 packages broke the ospd/ which causes the issue.
Currently I have able to fix the issue by simply updating the outdated python packages.
try this:
pip3 list --outdated --format=freeze | grep -v ‘^-e’ | cut -d = -f 1 | xargs -n1 sudo pip3 install -U

But i don’t know if it will work for you or not.

This is my log under /var/log/gvm/ospd-openvas.log

OSPD[9871] 2021-06-04 09:16:47,171: INFO: (ospd.main) Starting OSPd OpenVAS version 20.8.2.
OSPD[9871] 2021-06-04 09:19:45,146: INFO: (ospd.command.command) Scan 1156f12f-9ad8-4f42-9de6-1dca12a7304f added to the queue in position 1.
OSPD[9871] 2021-06-04 09:19:59,226: INFO: (ospd.ospd) Currently 1 queued scans.
OSPD[9871] 2021-06-04 09:19:59,427: INFO: (ospd.ospd) Starting scan 1156f12f-9ad8-4f42-9de6-1dca12a7304f.

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Same issue, doing a pip update hasn’t helped (it tanked even quicker) however, I’ve had a stab on cpu resource. I’m running this on a VM with limited CPU cores, so I’ve set the concurrency to be less than the number of cores on host and it works fine.

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You need to upgrade to 21.4.3dev1 or later to fix all those problems. A lot of bug fixes around those issues were made in both gvmd & ospd after 21.4.3

All earlier releases are prone to those bugs, highly erratic, and highly targets dependent.

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Where are you getting the 21.4.3 dev1 version on github? We are trying to fix a couple of scanners that are affected by this issue. Thanks.

git clone -b gvm-libs-21.04
git clone
git clone -b openvas-21.04
git clone -b ospd-21.04
git clone -b ospd-openvas-21.04
git clone -b gvmd-21.04
git clone -b gsa-21.04

Will get you to the latest 21.04 release.

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These are not releases. You should only use the branches if you are able to fix problems by yourself for example build issues with cmake. Otherwise stay with the latest releases. And btw. it is planned to release new bugfix versions for the community this week. So there is no need to use the branches.


Yes, you’re right. I meant they should upgrade to those branches, not releases. The current official releases are broken when it comes to those issues. Now, if new official releases are coming this week, then obviously they should wait for it.

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Re-opening this issue, as it stills appears in 21.4.3 final release. It’s much less frequent though, but still happens. I will report on github.