Scan configs have same number of Family & NVTs

Hi Team,

I am new to GVM and I have installed GVM-11 into my environment.
While I am setting up my Task, I found the following 3 Scan configs have the same Family (64) and NVTs (60252) count.

  • Full and fast ultimate
  • Full and very deep
  • Full and very deep
  • Full and very deep ultimate

But the documentation ( and Comments of those scan configs differs.
I could request your assistance in helping me to find the actual difference between the above scan configs

Another very Important query is, I would like to have a very SAFE & SECURE scan, which doesn’t cause a distrupt of services/systems or system shutdown on my environment
Request you to propose a comprehensive scan config (Family & NVTs) that will safely and securely scan my environment systems

Thanks in advance!


GVM versions

gsa: 9
gvm: 11
openvas-scanner: 7


Operating system: Ubuntu
Kernel: (‘uname -a’)
Installation method / source: Docker container