Scan Configs empty

Hello community,

I have a new installation but there are no Scan Configs showing.
I tried troubleshooting it without success ( gvm-check-setup & I tried also runuser -u _gvm – gvmd --modify-scanne … command).
Do you have any suggestions?

I also updated the feeds.

Thank you!

Hi @Kermit and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

New installs can take some time to be fully up and running as there are several things running in the background, and in many cases when you have missing scan configs they are not in place yet. Can you give it try now and see how it looks?


It is still the same. I see that the “feed status” are still updating. I’m not sure if it stuck or it takes more time. I can leave it until tomorrow.

Thank you!

The following documentation linked below has some notes on this topic, especially:

Both steps may take a while, from several minutes up to hours, especially for the initial synchronization. Only if both steps are finished, the synchronized data is up-to-date and can be used.

Thank you for the link!

Unfortunately, after more than 15h the status remains the same.
But I observed that the status changes for a second or so (see the image) and then upon clicking anywhere it goes back to "update in progress…

There is no scanning configuration available.

The only think I see in the logs (/var/log/gvm/gvmd.log) is this:

sql_open: PQerrorMessage (conn): connection to server on socket “/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432” failed: FATAL: role “root” does not exist

This may be due to the problem described in topic Looks like greenbone/vulnerability-tests version 5958053f7549 is corrupted - #11 by brafreider.

The GVMD_DATA component, which includes the scan configs, is updated at the end of the feed update, and due to the problem above the feed update may get stuck earlier at the SCAP component.

Please check the above topic for any updates regarding this.

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I reinstalled it and now it works. I can see the Scan Configs (7 out of 7) and the Feed Status updated to “Current”

Thank you all for the help and tips!