Scan Config options for Linux and Windows without hard scan on Targets


We have Windows and Linux servers in our subnet and I want to scan it. Is there any specific scan config for Linux and Windows that I can use rather than using the default Full and Fast.
Using the default Full and Fast can take more time like If I am not scanning for F5 and Cisco device then it will waste time on using the vulnerability check on the current scan.
Last time when I did scan on my network. Many of my VM had issue with resources and couple of target VM hanged.
Is there a way to control with that OpenVAS will not run really hard scan on them?


You can clone the “Full and Fast” scan config and thin it down to only the test you want to complete, however, OpenVAS has a config option called optimize_test, which is enabled by default. You can read about how optimize_test works here, but it does reduce the number of tests conducted somewhat. The “Full and Fast” is a big complete scan config so it takes a long time to completely run. :slight_smile:

To optimize OpenVAS resource consumption for your scans, I believe you can set options in both the GSA web-interface when creating the scan task, or you can also edit the /etc/openvas.conf file. You can find the options in the OpenVAS configuration documentation although it is somewhat hidden in the openvas-scanner repository.


Is it possible to run slow scan?