Scan applies only on ICMP

Hello, I have a problem on the scans.
Indeed, on the results of my scans I only have ICMP while all the network configurations have been made. below is a screen that shows the result of my scan

anyone know why?


Hi Tahir, I don’t immediately know what you mean. It seems that the scan identified the same vulnerability on multiple hosts in your scan. Can you explain?

Hello thank you for your answer, for you more details I gave configured a task and as you can see on the previous screen it does nothing special apart from ICMP, yet I did tests in telnet on the different ports and it works very well as well as the flows are also well configured but I do not know why it does not manage to have a good result. here is a screen that shows the task configuration that I made.


The same hint like given to another user here could apply as well:

Thanks, so how and where can i provide these credentials so that it can scan normally?

Relevant documentation is available here:

I have created identifiers and added in the targets but the result is always the same, it only scans icmp and nothing else…

Thank you for your help!!

Enabling the scan result LOGS will give you more information about what the scans are doing. If you click the “Edit Filter” icon in the top right-hand corner with the other filter icons, you will open the Filter dialog box and you can enable LOG filters. Then they will show in the results, and will indicate whether the authenticated scan is able to successfully login. Alternatively, you can monitor the processes on the target host to see the activity initiated by the local security check VTs.

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Hello, I have a problem in my scans
Indeed the Sumilate is N/A and as shown in the screen there are 0 everywhere in the results, hosts, ports etc.

Is that normal? What solution for this problem?


@tahir Please create a new topic as this looks like something completely different:

The OP actually got 248 results and 53 hosts identified while in your provided screenshot no results and hosts got identified at all.

When creating a new topic please make sure to provide more details (e.g. installation method, used version of the software stack, are the scanned systems reachable by the scanner at all, …).